Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Sunday

 How I LOVE these boys! And I love that they are so patient with my constant desire to take a picture!
Next up a picture with Dad and Grandma--

Ok that's better!  Grandma and all her Tennessee boys!
 Off to church!!

After church the two oldest Chrstensen cousins chatting on the couch--reminded me of days past...

 So I looked through some of Grandma's albums to find these cuties 17 years ago!
My oh my how these two have grown!
It feels that first Christmas with Connor was just yesterday! 


Brittany said...

Loved those pictures of Connor and Carly - SO CUTE!!!!!!

Jan S said...

Oh I remember Connor at that stage SO well! He was a rolly-polly little sweetheart! Loved those pics.

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