Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Last Arizona Post--promise

OK --I know what you are thinking, enough already of the trip to Arizona, I know!!  BUT since we rarely EVERY get there, I wanted to really document it for my family blog book...so humor one last post and then I am done, I promise:)
One afternoon Grandma treated us all to ice skating.  It was so funny to be warm outside and then icy cold in.  My boys LOVED it!  Coleman has seriously begged me for years to play on a hockey team, but there are no permanent ice rinks in Chattanooga.
He was in heaven--and was really pretty good too!!

 It was so much fun!!  The boys LOVED it!
I think it was our Canadian side coming out:)
Straight from the ice to swimming in Grandma's backyard!
My boys all agreed that winter in  Arizona is pretty sweet!

BRRrrrr--while the hot tub was heated these crazy kids were plunging into the very cold pool too!


Arizona will always have a special place in my heart.  This is where Brad and I met and our first son was born.
We will miss this beautiful place, but mostly we will miss ...
 family time! 
The trip was so fun!  Thanks to our awesome Christensen family for hosting our crazy gang!
Now come to Chattanooga:)
We love you all so much!!

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Jan S said...

I just loved seeing all these pictures! What a darling family (the whole gang)! It sounds like you had a wonderful time together. I can see those boys just loved their cute little girl cousins. They are darling!

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