Monday, April 13, 2015

Connor's Misson Call

Last Monday he came home from school to find his LDS mission call in the mail!!
So we called some friends and got our family on Facetime and at 7pm he opened his call:)
Tallahassee Florida Mision!!
He reports to the MTC on July 8th.
 Connor is so excited to testify of Jesus Christ and serve the people of this mission for the next 2 years.
I could not be happier that my sweet boy has chosen to dedicate this time to God.   I have noticed the effort he has taken to read the scriptures more, study the doctrine and be prepared. He looks for opportunities to bear his testimony of Christ and serve in quiet ways.  He is such a good example to me and the band of brothers that make up our family. I know that he will be a great instrument in the Lord's hand to bring about much good!  My heart could burst with love for this boy!
After everyone left we all settled in for the big National Championship game.:)
It was late on a school night here on East Coast but I couldn't say no--they were all so cute glued to the game! Life with these guys is pretty good!

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Jodi Ludlow said...


That is so exciting about Connor. I know two people who just go their calls last week and are going to the MTC on July 8th. One is a boy in our ward and another one is a darling girl whose family have been friends of ours for years. So exciting. I love the picture of all your boys and husband watching the game. Enjoy it while you still have all five at home. I'm down to three and it's so sad! Enjoy every second! Good luck with Connor! Take care!

xoxo, Jodi

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