Thursday, October 22, 2015

Sick Day

Cannon woke up with croop yesterday and spent the day with me. 
 I don't think he was too sad about it!  Haha!
I think I have trained this little guy well--if he sees Mom with her camera, he plasters on a big grin!  He actually really did not feel good but you couldn't tell that from this picture!
I made him some of this soothing lemon honey drink that my Mom made me when I was little and didn't feel good.  I love it.  My boys don't really love it but I think they feel happy that I make it for them anyway:)  I honestly do think it helps!
 In fact, I have read so much about the awesome health benefits of lemon that I have been drinking a warm cup of water with the juice of a lemon in it first thing every morning. This is an interesting article from the Huffington Post about the benefits of Lemon Water.
What do you think?

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