Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Easter!!

We had a great Easter! Friday night we dyed eggs-- unfortunetly we had such a busy day that we didn't do it until about 9pm--so poor little Bridger missed out (he had been in bed for over an hour). I am sure he would have loved it!

We had to get them all colored for the Easter bunny to hide that night!
Saturday morning--bright and early! Bridger was LOVING easter--he was in shock that he was getting a basket full of candy first thing in the morning! Our Easter bunny comes on Friday night. Saturday is our Easter egg hunting day and then Sunday we try to focus on the Savior and teach the boys the true meaning of Easter.

Grandma and Grandpa Sterzer slept over on Saturday night. We had a fun breakfast of "resurrection rolls" (the boys wrap a marshmallow up in dough, then dip it in butter and cinnamon sugar and bake--when it comes out of the oven the rolls are sweet and chewy--and empty--just like the tomb--they LOVE them). Then we were off to church services. After church, (much to their dismay) I made all the boys sit for pictures, before they could change. Brad was not too happy with the bunny ears on Cannon--but I thought they were hilarious!


Colby and Emily said...

Hey Melanie!
This is Emily (Colby's wife). We were over at Beth's the other night and she mentioned to us that you have a blog so we checked it out. You have such a beautiful blog and cute pictures (I recognized some of them from Beth's album :))! I just set one up for Martie- if you're interested it's: colbyandemily.blogspot.com
Hope you guys are doing well. I love all the Easter pictures- your boys are so handsome! And I love the bunny ears!!!

Zobell Fam said...

Hey Melanie!
It's Deanna (Dallin's wife) I saw your post on Colby and Emily's blog. I love that you celebrate Easter on Saturday.. I think I might try that. Your boys are getting sooo big. Feel free to check out our blog
Take care!!

Michelle C. said...

I'm so glad you found us. This will be fun keeping track of everyone. Thank you for commenting on my blog. Cannon is adorable.

Brittany said...

The bunny ears are adorable!! I love them!Coleman looked great in his vest :)and the rest of your boys looked very handsome in their nice clothes. You have such a cute family. I love the pic with TJ kissing his basket while the rest of them are grinning like maniacs (no doubt delighted with all the candy!) and Cannon is lunging for Bridger's basket!! Haha-the pics of your boys are always full of funny details!

Malinda said...

I love the bunny ears! Once again a great picture for the wedding video... or blackmail. :) Easter looked like a lot of fun at your house! I wish I could have played with you guys. Love you.

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