Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy St. Patricks Day Party

Brittany and Eric hosted a family st. Patty's party on Sunday. It was very fun. We all pitched in with the menu of--Mom brought Grandma Rice's meat piesand delicious stuffed mushrooms, Brittany made "cole cannon" (I am not sure how to spell that-but they are irish mashed potatoes with onion and cabbage), I brought lemon poppy seed scones, and Mindy brought a yummy green salad. Brittany decorated the table with gold chocolate coins and green Reeses --a big hit with Coleman--he was sitting at the table way before we were ready to eat!

Here is Matt teaching Bridger to play the guitar, our cute little newlyweds--Griff and Mindy--enjoying the music and Connor & TJ just hanging out with baby Gabe! It was really fun!!


Erin said...

That looks so fun!! But where's the GREEN?! This must not have been on St. Patricks day, eh? Or you all would have been pinching each other the entire evening. :) Oh, I just reread - it was on Sunday. That explains it I guess. :) You four look beautiful. And the food looks yummy!

Malinda said...

That was a fun party. I was craving meat pies after that so I bought the marie calendars version at the grocery store, but it just wasn't the same. Maybe I'll try Grandma's recipe when the book comes out! :)

Anonymous said...

I don't know how youfind the time to be a perfect Mom of 5 little boys and a fantastic cook and a super daughter AND blog too . . . but I'm glad you do. I love seeing these pictures. Our St. Patrick's day parties are such a fun tradition! XO Mom

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