Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Just wanted to wish Brad a Happy Father's day! He is such a wonderful Daddy to our boys! He is so much fun--always taking time to listen their stories, wrestle, joke around with and play with his sons. They all adore him and so do I. He also takes the time to teach them values like a love of God and their fellow men, how to work hard, always do their best, be honest and have integrity, serve others and enjoy life. Someday I hope our little men grow up to be just like him!

Also--I just wanted to pay tribute to our Dads today! We both were blessed with wonderful Fathers. We love them so much that we named two of our sons after them.

Tanner Johnn is named after my Dad, Johnn.( I love this picture of my Dad with Connor and TJ--they wanted him to wear the party hat--and he was such a good sport to do it!) He is the most loving, fun and sweet Dad a girl could ask for! I have so many happy memories of time spent with him! He has always been so affectionate, we had a secret hand squeeze which meant" I love you, big as the sky". He would tickle my back for hours while telling me cool cowboy and indian stories. He was always taking us camping, playing ball in the yard, having long talks, supporting us in all our endeavors, and having 'daddy daughter dates.'. (On my 16th birthday I woke up to flowers and card saying that he was taking me on my first date--out to breakfast!) Even now I treasure my relationship with my Dad and still enjoy our long talks. He would do anything to help me and my family, including babysitting (often--even changing dirty diapers--what a guy!). We all love you Dad!!

Coleman Keith is named after Brad's Dad, Keith. This is a picture of the two of them when Coleman is just a few days old. Keith loved being there to welcome into the world his new grandsons. Brad had such a happy childhood being his son! He talks about camping trips, getting to go to the office on saturday mornings with him, skiing, golfing, boating, and enjoying Suns game together (they were BIG fans and season ticket holders for years). Brad has a special relationship with his Dad. I know that he is a big part of the wonderful man that Brad is now. Brad and I dated in high school and I spent alot of time with his family.Over the years, Keith was always so sweet to me--always making me feel loved and welcome...along with plenty of playful teasing! Keith passed a way two years ago, and we miss him so much! He was such a fun, hard working. and active person. He was so supportive of his family. We always knew we could count on him if we needed help in any way or just a listening ear. We will always love and honor him!


Michelle C. said...

Very thoughtful. I love seeing the picture of Keith. Thank you.

Brittany said...

How sweet Mel. I loved reading about the wonderful Dads in your life! :)

Mindy said...

What a wonderful tribute to the fathers in your life. Those picures are sweet, too. Love you, sis!

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