Saturday, May 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Connor Bradley!

I can not believe my oldest boy is already 11!! How does that happen? It was only yesterday that he was just a tiny little bundle in my arms. He is growing up to be such a kind, loving, fun, trustworthy and handsome boy! Oh--and he is a hardworker! He decided that he wanted to improve his speed for football this year. So he has started running everyday home from school, on the treadmill, around the neighborhood and even running sprints in the back yard! He shaved 6 seconds off his time! (They recored it for scouts) He is also a HUGE help with his brothers! He is just a great kid, and we love having him around! We celebrated by having a friends party ( a couple days early), then on the actual day we went up to Uncle Matt's place in Midway at the Zermatt and just last sunday we had a BBQ at Grandma and Grandpa's (that was for both our b-days--I have more pictures I will post later). It has been lots of fun! We love you Con-man!!

11year old boys--just being goofy!! They played basketball on our new sport court in the backyard and had lots of pizza!

Connor's friend Chris had a very creative gift. He wrapped a box of candy in dollar bills! Connor loved it! Here is the cookie dough ice cream pie--we had up at Matt's "cabin" at the Zermatt! It was yummy!

Bridger is a big helper at birthday parties!

TJ gave Connor a new swimsuit. He was especially excited about that gift--because he had forgotten to pack one and they were planning on going swimming right after presents!

After swimming we stayed up way too late watching a movie and eating popcorn and eating Connor's favorite--jelly belly candy!


Brittany said...

Looks like he had a very fun b-day!! I cannot believe Connor is 11 really does feel like yesterday that he was a little baby. He was so darling then and is such a sweet, fun boy now!

Mindy said...

Connor is such a great kid! I have enjoyed him so much over the years. I'm sorry i didn't send you my pictures soon enough. I sent them this morning, but then I checked your blog and you had already posted! Bummer. But it looks like Connor had an awesome birthday! Your a good mom. i love you.

kaleyq said...

What a handsome young man! We sure love having Connor around--can't believe he is almost a deacon! Hope your day was fun, Connor! You too, Melanie!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday Connor! Connor really is such a good kid. I've seen him be an awesome big brother so many times. We love you Connor and are so glad to have you in the family!

M&N Tenny said...

You look so beautiful (as always) in the picture with your son on this post! Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. You're a sweetheart! I didn't make it on Thursday, my friend and I made it a "temple" night, but was Enrichment fun?

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