Saturday, September 20, 2008

Our Missionary

I had the great priveldge of hosting my cousin Connor Barnett (from Canada) and taking him to the MTC this week. Brittany and I (and a car full of little boys) picked him up from the airport on Monday morning.

Some of our Activites:
*Great lunches -introduced him to Cafe Rio one day and made him his first panini another day--yum!!
* Went to the Timponagos Temple
*Had a BIG family dinner with lots of people that love him
Menu-Chicken Pesto Pizza, grapes from my backyard, breadsticks, delish salad, homemade peach ice cream, and cream cheese frosted pumpkin bars-

*Watched Coleman's last soocer game (He wowed us with 6 goals!!)

*Hanging out at the Christensen pad--basketball, church movies, magic tricks, visiting etc.

*Taking TONS of pictures, as requested by his Mother--my Aunt Jackie

On Wednesday he entered the MTC, accompainied by lots of his UTah cousins! It was a blessing and a treat to take him to the MTC and to spend some time with him the few days before hand. Connor is such a GREAT guy and a great example for our boys. The boys just adored him and he spent so much time playing with them. (basketball, magic tricks, ripsticking, watching church movies etc) He is so fun, cool, considerate, and VERY excited to serve a mission! This is just how his brother Cole was when I got to spend some time with him and take him to the MTC too! Isn't it awesome when a young man chooses to serve a mission--giving up school, girls, freinds, jobs and even help pay for it himself--to serve the Lord and share the message of the gospel?! I am proud of him and all the other missionaries out there right now!! (I have 3 cousins serving right now--his brother Cole Barnett and cousin Josh Rice)

Good Luck Elder Barnett! We love you!


kaleyq said...

What a fun experience! It's so good for our boys (and girls) to be around missionaries excited and willing to serve! He'll do a great job I'm sure!

Mindy said...

I wish I could have gone to the dinner... stupid work! He is a neat guy, though, isn't he?!? I am so proud of him, too.

Erin said...

What a cool post! I loved reading about Connor - I wish I could have been there to hang out with you guys and say "Good luck!" to him too!

Brittany said...

What a fun post to read! That was great being able to spend time with Con before his mission...he had such a wonderful spirit about him!

momma4 said...

How cool Melanie! You are such a fabulous hostess and what a great thing for Con to have all those cousins to send him off!

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