Thursday, September 25, 2008

Guess Who?

I have curly hair that my Mom LOVES so much she can't bear to cut!

I am recently potty trained (even at night) and very PROUD of it! (No accidents at all since the first week--Mom says YIPEE!!)

I love the LIGHTENING McQUEEN movie, very very much!

I will only partake of foods on my personally approved LIST --a few are (and I reserve the right to change them without notice) cinnamon sugar toast, strawberries, apples, cheesesticks, crackers, and smoothies (my mom likes to hide spinach in them--I sometimes notice the green but I drink it anyway!)

I give lots of kisses and hugs and I love to snuggle!
I am a hotwheels and Thomas the train kind of guy!

I love to build towers and then knock them down.

I am speedy FAST on my spongebob scooter!
I love my BLANKEE and LOVEY a lot!

I am a very good talker--and I TALK lots and lots!!
I am going to be 3 soon and I plan my birthday party daily!

My family calls me PEANUT...I think because, although I was the biggest boy at birth (almost 10 pounds) I am now just 3 lbs bigger than my baby brother!


It's me--"Krischensen Kay Bridger"

(Bridger McKay Christensen peanut)


Brittany said...

That was adorable Mel! What a cute idea. Wouldn't work with me since it would be pretty easy to guess it was....Gabe! :) Bridger is such a sweetheart!

momma4 said...

Oh he is such a cutie! We had curls till Tyler was almost 4 - how can you cut those baby curls off your baby, right? I love your new weekly blog thing too. Fabulous!

stephanie said...

Very creative, very cute. Happy Birthday, Bridger!

Amy said...

Don't ever lose those curls!!! He is so adorable Mel! All your boys are! They grow up fast, don't they? Carson turns four tomorrow and I can't believe it! You have a darling family!!

Mindy said...

Yay Bridger! I love this little nephew. :) And I thought I would say it again...i love your new blog, sis.

Marnie said...

How fun to get to know Bridger better. He is absolutely adorable! I love his bright blue eyes.

Erin said...

Very cute - I love that side profile of him. He sounds like such a cutie - planning his birthday party every day. His curls ARE to die for - so cute!

walker fam said...

That was really really cute!! I can't believe that Bridger is almost 3. Time flies too fast.

Colby and Emily said...

Oh, he is SO adorable! I love the post, especially the part about little Bridger building towers to knock them down... I can just picture it! :) Too cute!

Becky and Matt said...

What a cute boy! He's getting so big. We really relate to his diet around here, especially with Jackson. I hope he has (or had a great birthday!)

Anonymous said...

I loved the guessing game for Bridger. First he is "Bridge the Fridge" . . . now "Peanut" haha There's a change!
I am also so happy for Beth and DeLoy. That must have been a great day for them.

I also like the post of COnnor. You are a good person Mel to see that he had a fun last few days before entering the MTC. He is going to be one AWESOME missionary.
XO Mom

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