Monday, September 29, 2008

Sweet Weekend

Friday we were off to Idaho--to go to the Twin Falls Temple with Mom and Deloy. It was Deloy's first time. His 4 sisters and their spouses were there too. It was a very special expereince, we were honored to be there and share in it. The Twin Falls Temple is brand new and very beautiful!

We had such fun staying with my Uncle Ron and Aunt Laura while we were there. They kindly babysat the little boys while we were at the temple. The boys had soo much fun with their cousins! Friday night we went to the Burley High School homecoming football game with them that night. They lost--but it was still fun! Saturday we went to a few soccer games!

On the way back Brad dropped me off at my parents home--so I could join my sisters and Mom in attending the world wide Relief Society Meeting. (If you missed it --you can see it here)This is a yearly tradition I share with these women that I love so much! This years meeting was especially wonderful! I left feeling so inspired and spiritually enlightened! I am so deeply grateful for a loving Heavenly Father, and for His great plan of happiness for us. I am thankful for the gospel of Jesus Christ and my membership the Relief Society organization. It inspires me to give more of myself and try to become a kinder, stronger more compassionate woman, mother and wife!


Erin said...

What a neat post, Melanie. I'm glad you guys could be there when Deloy and Beth went to the temple. And being with Uncle Ron and Aunt Laura sounds so fun! Is that Mitchel? He is so big. Your peonies are beautiful, and I totally LOVED the relief society broadcast too. I thought it was wonderful. Love you.

Amy said...

That sounds like such a fun family get-away! I love Uncle Ron and Aunt Laura. And yes, the Relief Society Broadcast was very uplifting. Oh and where did you get the LDS link picture from? I'd love to add it to my blog, what a good idea.

Brittany said...

What a special weekend! I'm so glad you could be there with Beth and Deloy. How fun that you got to stay with Uncle Ron and Aunt Laura - they are so great! And the broadcast was amazing. I love that tradition too!

Prudy said...

What an absolutely beautiful family. Women's conference was one of the best ever this year. After watching that and Conference this weekend, I feel inspired to try harder on everything.

Mindy said...

How neat that you were able to go to the temple with Deloy. I don't even know what the Twin Falls temple looks like... but I'm sure it is beautiful! Double fun that you got to hang out with the Rices, too. I was sad I missed out on the women's conference. It sounded so neat and like so much fun to be with my mom and sisters.

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