Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween in all it's GLORY!

OUR Halloween Story 2008

I LOVE Halloween and here is why:

Preparing pumpkins to be JACK -O-LANTERNS

School Parties & Friends

Dad's Trick
BIG bowl of carrots that he offered to the trick or treaters saying "Take all you want!!"
The looks on some little faces was HILARIOUS, (some sweet little ones would say thank you and start taking a few!) before he would laugh and bring out the candy!

Mom's Treat
(yes it is a link to the recipe-yum!)

Grandpa and Grandma

It's a big effort to get a picture of these three!




Nabby Hazar said...

and the fun thing about5 halloween are all the really fun pictures. i love pictures on halloween. there are always so many colors and things to look at. such cute pictures you got. i love the carrots.

Carrie Hazar said...

Brad and his jokes...what are we going to do with him? I feel a little sorry for your children when they are in their teenage years and starting to date...he is going to torture them! I love the picture of the boys carving pumpkins because you can tell Brad is concentrating SO hard. He admitted to me that he hates the pumpkin carving night with 5 boys...what a lot of work. Cali LOVED little Dumbo. That is her favorite movie right now and her favorite ride at Disneyland so she thought that was great. Good job mommy!

Mindy said...

You had me laughing with the carrot story. Brad is so funny! I wish I could have seen the traumatized little children. :) But more than that I wish I could have seen all my nephews in costume! What a bummer that I had to work. The pictures are fun, though. They all look so cute. And the mac and cheese Gratin looks super yummy. Hopefully you post it on sisters cafe. Love you!

***Carly**** said...

SO CUTE! I love the one with the boys and brad in the back round with the Carrots! It looks like sometihng froma movie! Me and Adam were Sara Palin and a Hockey Player. Are you thinking... i got to see this? Head on over to my blog!

Brittany said...

That was adorable! I LOVED seeing Brad-the-jokester in action with the carrots! Haha - what a fun dad! Your boys all looked so cute (I mean cool!) and I loved getting a pic of the three amigos - we need to keep that a tradition!

Becky and Matt said...

It was fun to see pictures of your Halloween. I love your boys' costumes! Halloween really is such a fun holiday.

Amy said...

Cute costumes, and even cuter boys! I love the Dumbo costume, that is priceless! The carrot story was hillarious! We might have to try that next year! I love Halloween

Laura said...

Your boys are sooooooo cute!

annie and jared said...

halloween is the best isn't it? i love all the boys costumes, especially that dumbo one, seriously cute!

Erin said...

What a FUN FUN post! I just loved it! I was totally laughing about Brad offering carrots to the kids. How hilarious! I just love him! I saw that pic of the loot on Connor's blog. Looks pretty delicious! And I love the pics of the three little boys,and the one of all the people trying to get them to smile and get a picture. :)

***Carly**** said...


Jan Sterzer said...

That was a great post. Thanks for sharing your Hallowe'en fun with us every year. XOXO

Anonymous said...

Brad is soooooooooooooooo funny! What a fun guy! He is very good looking too!

Jim Bob

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