Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Have you BEAN here??

We went to the Bean Museum over at one of our favorite places ...BYU campus.

It was delightful to spend the day with my beloved sisters (missed you Erin) and their sweet little boys. Let me tell you, the boys were in heaven pointing out all the amazing animals and were especially excited to touch a few real live reptiles! Perfect outing for boys!

My cute Coleman still wearing his Cardinals gloves from Grandma Beth

The real live reptile show-
Coleman petting a snake

Coleman took good care of his little cousins

Admiring baby Jack

After we enjoyed some hot off the grill lunch and famous BYU ice cream at the Creamery! Yum!! All this before Coleman had to go to Kindergarten.
Happy time had by all!

Bridger is LOVING the food!


Brittany said...

those pics were so cute! I loved that outing...when are we going to go again?!

Erin said...

Oh, that sounds so fun! Glad you missed me. :) I definitely miss not being there too!

stephanie said...

We haven't "Bean" there for awhile. I bet Josie and Josh would enjoy that. We always stop at the Creamery when we go, too. Better call the cousins up!

Mindy said...

That was SO fun!

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