Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valenitnes Weekend Recap

We had such a great Valentines Weekend with our boys. It started off with tubing at Soldier Hollow, in Midway with a bunch of other families from our neighborhood. After we stayed at my brother's place at the Zermatt in Midway.Thanks Matt-- It was so fun! Brad took us all to a yummy breakfast the next morning--before we were off to Basketball games for Connor and TJ. We ended the day with our tradtional Valentines dinner (just like last year) of Heart shaped pizza, Love Potion Punch and ding door ditching each other with Valentines. Grandma and Grandpa stopped by for chocolate fondue and the NBA all star 3 Point Shootout and Slam Dunk contest. I wish I would have snapped some pictures--but what a fun night with the people I LOVE!! *click on the pink writing!


Brittany said...

SUPER fun weekend! I love that you keep traditions from our childhood alive as well as make your own. I want to do the same thing!

Erin said...

Wow! Sounds like a blast! The fondue sounds fun and the slam dunk contest! I love Matt's condo, and the sledding sounds like a blast!

Mindy said...

Sounds so fun! I loved looking at last year's Valentine's, too. Cannon looks so little! You have always made Valentine's so fun. Your kids are lucky to have you for a mom. :)

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