Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Poor Baby

Stitches + Ear Infection = Miserable Baby and Tired Mama

Poor little Cannon and his Mother have had a rough time lately.

I was seriously wondering what on earth happened to my sweet little baby?? He has been on and off sick for over 2 weeks, nothing bad, just runny nose, bit of a cough and a low grade fever that comes and goes. The worst of it all was his temperament...HORRIBLE!! Cranky with a capital C, up before the sun (6am), demanding, LOUD (lots of yelling) and hard to comfort. Anyway, the other night just before bed, he bonked his head, split the skin over his eye and needed stitches. Getting stitches was very TRAUMATIC, involving lots of screaming and crying. So sad! That night as I tucked him in (hours after his usual bedtime), I was just sure that he would have a good and LONG night sleep. I knew he was exhausted after the incredible fight he had struggling against the nurses trying to hold him still for those blasted stitches...but shockingly, I was WRONG! Once again he woke up at 6am, very GRUMPY. So, after a horrible morning of Cannon screaming and mad over everything, my sweet and smart husband offered, "Maybe he has an ear infection?" He suggested that I get his ears checked, as he left for work. So I made an appointment with Aunt Mindy our own personal PA. I seriously thought I was wasting her time and just causing Cannon more frustration as I had to hold him down for the ear exam...but the prognosis was bulging, red EAR INFECTIONS!

I have never been so happy to hear that before. That explains it...Poor Baby! It gives me hope that the horribleness has a reason, and that my sweet little baby will be back! I started the antibiotics promptly... wish us luck!

Thank heavens for Aunt Mindy, and her otoscope!

Hopefully more sleep and happier days to come!


momma4 said...

Ahhhh...poor little guy! Stitches and an ear infection at the same time!! Good thing he is on the mend! He sure looks tough (and cute) with his stitches!

Brittany said...

Poor little pumpkin! and poor mama! I am so glad there is a reason for his attitude and that he hasn't undergone some dramatic personality change! :) He is still a cutie pie - even when he's sick! I had fun being with him all weekend - what a funny little man!

Becky and Matt said...

Poor Cannon! I felt so bad the day that I saw you at Kohler's because I wish I would have thought about watching your kids upfront while you went to get what you forgot. I thought of it too late. I hope you guys are well though. It was great to see you!

Carrie Hazar said...

Give him a big hug and kiss for us. I think you should start a stitches log...with 5 boys I am sure you will have a few stories to tell! Hang in there!

Laura said...

It's the worst when your kids are sick or hurt- both is terrible! I'm sorry. Hope Cannon gets better soon.

Erin said...

Benjamin is asking me, "Is he feeling better??" We hope he gets better right away. poor little sweetie. Mindy is such a lifesaver!

Jan Sterzer said...

What a sad little cutie pie. Hope you are BOTH feeling better!

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