Saturday, February 7, 2009


I had planned on making this cute Valentines Day banner for my mantle. Yesterday it occured to that I better get crackin' on it if I was going to get it up before the BIG day. Have I mentioned that I LOVE LOVE Valentines Day?!! I think it turned out cute. There are directions here. If you make it, be sure to use a sharp exacto knife--I learned that the hard way!

Connor had the annual Science Project due this week. He really wanted to do a taste test, involving brownies. He named it "Martha VS Betty--The Brownie Smack Down"--sounds like a 6th grader, huh? Last year's project here involved cupcakes...hmmm I swear boys are always hungry!

And, here is Coleman's 100th Day of School project. We counted out 100 navy beans and I helped him turn it into a BYU sign.

He really loves BYU and writes it on everything.

I found this piece of work in his backpack!


Brittany said...

those pictures are so cute! i love the BYU obsession Coleman has - it definitely comes up every time I see him! He will never give up trying to get me to leave the U and swicth over to the other side!! haha! Connor's project was great (and delicious!) - he is growing up to be such a sweet boy - I sure love him. That LOVE sign is adorable -I love it! I need a mantle so I can decorate it for each holiday!

kaleyq said...

Okay-your crafty little love banner turned out so cute!! Maybe I'll have to try it sometime--not sure if I'll make it in time for Valentine's Day. Connor did a fantastic job on his science project. He will always have willing taste-testers at our house! And why wouldn't Coleman absolutely LOVE BYU?!! We sure love your family!

Erin said...

I love that Valentines banner, Melanie! So pretty and fun!

stephanie said...

When I've been up at the kindergarten I have noticed BYU's written on Coleman's art stuff---how funny. Go Cougs! I love your banner. I noticed this year that I really need more Valentines decor. Great idea.

Mindy said...

Your 'LOVE' sign is so cute! I don't have one decoration for Valentine's Day. I need to get it together. :) I loved how you always made V day special when I was a kid, too. You usually made a yummy breakfast (or dinner) and decorated so cute! Connor's project looked cool! And I love Coleman's paper with BYU all over it. What a cutie!

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