Monday, June 1, 2009

Big time Graduations

I had the pleasure of attending two "graduations" last week. First was Coleman's graduation from Kindergarten! He made it to the 1st grade! The program was 2 pages of songs and poems they have learned. Let me tell you it was quite the little performance. It was pretty adorable when they played that official graduation music while they handed out their diplomas. The last time I heard that was at my Mom's Masters Degree ceremony. That is when I realized this kindergarten graduation thing is big time:)!

Coleman had lots of kids from our church ward in his class. And his buddy Clayton came for the big event, even though he is in the morning class. What a guy!

Coleman loved his Mrs Beck--what sweet teacher!

Congratulations Coleman!

Next I was off to the BIG 6th grade graduation! They really went all out with a slide show and the same classic music was played for the diploma processional! I can not believe my son is done with elementary school! Crazy, I say, crazy!!

Connor's good friends, Jonah, Chris...and below is Caleb.

Connor had the pleasure of being in Mr. Hillier's class this year. He is a fellow sports nut and all around great guy. Connor loved this teacher!

On the cake was a little replica of each graduate. Pretty cool!

Congratulations Connor!!Junior High here we come!!


Brittany said...

wow - big week at your house! Congrats to both of the graduates! :) Those ceremonies sound like a lot of fun. I can't believe how old your boys are getting!!

Mindy said...

Congratulations Connor and Colie! I loved seeing those pictures of your two graduates. And you look beautiful in that picture with Connor!

Erin said...

congratulations you two ! I love you both!

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