Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Connor Bradley

Last year--a joint birthday BBQ for Connor & me at Grandma and Grandpas

Wow! Has it really been 12 years already?
This was the day that I became a Mother...a dream come true! I have such a special place in my heart for this day. I loved this little boy fiercly from the moment we met.

Our first Sunday at church. He was only 2 1/2 weeks old. We were excited to show him off!

Connor was such a sweet baby! I loved every minute with him! I treasure the memory of that time. Heavenly!

Connor has always been a bit of a sports nut. Even as a baby he would sit with Brad and watch Jazz games! Brad LOVEd it! I think "Ball" was his first word after Momma and Dada:)

I love how Connor works hard at whatever he does, whether that is sports, schoolwork or chores. He is a goal setter and once he puts his mind to it, it is as good as done! One of the qualities I love and admire most about Connor is his integrity. You can see that quality in every aspect of his young life. He NEVER lies, but I think having intergrity is more than that. He is valiant, strong, and Christlike. I know that I can count on Connor. He has a true desire to do what is right and good. What a blessing to have Connor as the oldest son and leader of our 5 boys!

Happy Birthday Connor our precious son!
We love you!


Brittany said...

Connor is SO handsome! I can't believe he is already 12!! WOW! He is such a wonderful boy, Mel. you and Brad have done a great job raising such a kind and honorable son!! I remember him as a baby like it was yesterday. I like to think we had a special bond! :) I love him so much!!

Erin said...

What a fun post! Happy Birthday, Connor! Benjamin had a fun time talking to you today - could you hear him repeating to me all the different kinds of candies that you ate at your party? You were telling him, "and skittles, and starbursts, and jellybeans..." and he was whispering to me, "they ate Skittles! Starbursts! Jellybeans!" You are such a sweet cousin. I love that picture of you in your football uniform. How handsome! I especially like that picture of you with your baseball glove. You were such a cute little boy! I love you tons! Can't wait to see you in only 11 days! Yippee!

momma4 said...

How time flies, huh! I still remember when you had Connor and how terrified and excited I was to soon follow in your footsteps! Connor is such a handsome young man and I can tell that he is an excellent big bro! Great job (on being such a good mom, of course)! Can't wait to visit with you guys next month!

stephanie said...

I can see Connor in his baby picture! It was fun to see pics of him younger. Happy Birthday!

Carrie Hazar said...

Such a sweet post Melanie and I second everything you said. Connor made quite an entrance into this world and he has been unforgetable ever sense. TJ and I were just talking about how Heavenly Father knows exactly what he is doing when he sends a first child to a family...He picked Connor to arrive first because he knew he would be such a great example for all his little brothers to follow. We think the same thing about Madison! We love Connor so much and are so proud of the young man he has become. XOXOXO

Mindy said...

That was such a great post! I loved seeing all those pictures of Connor. He looked so cute and happy in that picture with the baseball glove, but my favorite was the last one. It struck me how big Connor is! He looks so handsome in that picture. And he is such a great boy. I'm so proud of how hard he works, how patient and kind he is with his brothers/cousins, and how fun he is. Even though Connor would now rather "party for 48hours straight," I'm glad he sometimes still wants to have "quiet nights at home celebrating with family." Haha... you'll have to ask him about that! Love you! Mindy

Jan S said...

I was just looking over some of your birthday blogs today and saw this one of Con-man again. I love this first grandson so much . . . miss him. Isn't he handsome! And we all know he is as good and kind as he is good-looking!

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