Friday, May 22, 2009

Is FEAR a factor for you???

Connor turns 12 on Saturday and since that is Memorial weekend we decided to have his party a little early. We invited 14 6th grade boys over for a Fear Factor party! (Fear inducing for me)

I was too busy to take any pictures until the end, but here is a sample of the events:

* Identifing the contents of "dirty diapers" (candy bars melted in diapers)
*Tasting baby food to decide what it was (surprisingly this was really gross for the boys)
*Sucking on lemons the longest
*Sticking your hand in a jar with 100 live crickets, trying to get out as many coins as possible in 30 seconds
*Obstacle course involving raw eggs (can't break the yolk)
* and a "Barf Buffet" Serving up delights such as Elephant Pee (lemonade), 100 year old Cheese (cheetos), Dirt and worm cups etc.

I found the party a little repulsive--but the 12 year old boys seemed to LOVE it!

Happy (early)Birthday Connor!!


kaleyq said...

What a perfect 12 year old boy party! "Dirty diapers" and crickets...I would not have lasted! Hope you have a great 12th birthday Connor!

Victoria said...

Your family is beautiful, Melanie! I had five little boys once, all under eight years old:)... and then four years later I had a girl, and then SIX years later, one more boy. Now all my little boys are grown, or practically grown. Boys are the best. I'm glad to see you are such a fun boy mom!

stephanie said...

You win the great mom award for this one! I'm sure the boys loved it. The live crickets would've done me in. (One of the many reasons we don't own any lizards or snakes that eat those live crickets.) Fun ideas.

Brittany said...

that is so funny and PERFECT for 12 yr old boys!! you are such a FUN mom!!

Erin said...

YOU ARE SUCH A FUN MOM!! I am taking notes for when Ben turns 12! YOU ARE SO FUN!

Mindy said...

Sounds like a blast! What a fun, Mom! Love you, sis!

Amy said...

You are an incredibly creative, talented mom! What lucky boys you have!! I can't believe he's twelve! Happy Birthday! (Late). Marnie flies in on the 13th, we need to meet up to go out to lunch! We can do lunch here if everyone doesn't mind driving up. Let me know what you guys think!

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