Monday, November 30, 2009

3 Years Ago ...

4 year old Coleman and our dear Bishop/neighbor in Utah had an ice cream date!
I stumbled upon this darling picture and brought back sweet memories! Coleman used to love hanging out with the Peterson Family. I think it started out that Sheri would tell him to come over and play at her house. Her youngest was 12, so she didn't have anyone that needed a playmate. I think she was trying to help me out while I was pregnant with my fifth and had four little boys to care for, including one very clingy baby Bridger to pack around. She loved Coleman and he LOVED her! She would get out their old bin of hot wheels and just let him play. When the bishop was home he would share a bowl of ice cream with Coleman and they would laugh about how they were going to tease Mom that they were "eating a big bowl of vegetables"! Whenever I couldn't find Coleman, I would call over to Sheri and sure enough he was over there, basking in all the love and attention of his 'second family'! What a blessing to have such kind friends and neighbors! Coleman was one lucky little guy!
We really miss the Petersons!!


Brittany said...

what a sweet story. I remember that! Coleman is such a cute and fun kid - I completely understand why they would love him! The Petersons sound like wonderful friends!

Mindy said...

I remember that, too! What a blessing to have such wonderful neighbors! And thinking about our absolutely, totally lovable Coleman makes me miss you even more!

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