Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Deckin' Our Halls

We had our little "Decorating the Christmas Tree Party" last Sunday, and the big debut of the 2009 ornament. The evening wouldn't be complete without the traditional appetizers, treats and the always hilarious "Elf". For some reason my guys LOVE that movie!
And as you can see they were still celebrating BYU's sweet victory over the UTES!

Go Cougars!!
(Being all the way in Tennessee has not diminished these true blue fans enthusiasm in the least!)


Laura said...

Hello! I just saw a comment you left on CJane's post and saw you moved to TN. I live in Knoxville and thought I'd say hello. You have a beautiful family. :)

Donna said...

They did a great job on the tree! My kiddos love ELF too...we watch it everytime it comes on!!!

Brittany said...

Go cougs - yahoo! :) (I have to admit that their victory was very deflating to us but I'm still happy they did well and that the boys were excited!!) Those pics were so cute of the boys. Your family is so special with all the little men in your house! When I first saw that top picture I thought TJ and Bridger were friends that were over... both their heads of hair look SO dark!! I seriously didn't recognize them from the back! :) Miss you guys!

E & K said...

Cougars are the best! We had A fun time watching it. I could just see all of you boy talking about it all day. We miss you so much
love the Pfluegers

Mindy said...

Yeah, go Cougs! :) Jack just got a new jersey. I'll have to take a pic of him in it and send it to you. Your tree looks great! And your wreath looks very pretty, too. I don't know how you organize your time to do so much!

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