Thursday, December 3, 2009

DIY: Pottery Barn/ Martha inspired Christmas Wreath

My favorite place in the house is my sun room/office. It is a bright and cheery little spot for me. We found a pair of cozy chairs, and a Shaw rug (of course) and Brad surprised me and ordered a wonderful (I thought overpriced) table from Pottery Barn. But let me tell you that I LOVE it and now think it was worth every penny! It is pretty, and large and just perfect for projects. The first one was a Christmas Wreath.
Above the table is my inspiration clipped from the recent Pottery Barn catalogue and my Martha Stewart magazine from last December (somehow with the move I let my subscription expire:( I have taken care of that but it may be too late to get the December issue this year)
Anyway I present the idea board:

The Supplies purchased at the local Hobby Lobby craft store (all on sale for 50% off):

Notice the bags of balls were quite inexpensive!

One night when the boys were all tucked in bed, I put on some Christmas tunes and started twisting on the little balls in a bit of a crafting frenzy. Sometimes when I start a project I get an overwhelming desire to finish it at all costs. Luckily this one was very easy to do and did not take long, so no one had to suffer with lack of meals and the house looking like there was no Mother etc:)

And I am done--In less that an hour, phew! By the time I hung it up on my Sun Room door I had added those 2 little clip-on birds that I had from last year. Remember they were nestled into my basement mantle? I really wanted to find super thick and beautiful ribbon--but this was thickest that Hobby Lobby had. Next time I will have to order some online or find a cool ribbon shop in my area. But I am happy to report that this whole wreath cost me less than $10. That is crazy! Although that is perfect since I am pretty sure that next year I will get some creative craze come over me and change it completely! I had so much fun making this one, that a couple days later I made another one that is now hanging in my room from our canopy. It has brown sequined little birds--I guess I have a thing for birds this year. Anyway, I will post a picture tomorrow. I am off to bed!
So in the words from a classic I read tonight to a couple of little boys:
"Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!"
*Can you name the story?

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Marnie said...

Cute wreath, but what I really want to see is a picture of your Pottery Barn table....can you humor me please? :)

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