Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Words to Live By

I just ordered this print for the sun room (my office) in soothing seafoam greeen. I LOVE it. Being the mother of 5 boys, I think it is fitting and a good reminder for me and my rowdy little crew!
In fact the day I recieved it in the mail, I was carefully taking it out of the packaging tube when my littlest man ran over and grabbed it. I think he thought the tube was some sort of sword and he was just getting in on the action! Before I knew it the print was scrunched under this giggling chubby toddler.
My initial reaction was some serious ANGER as I stomped over to retrieve it. Luckily before I got too mad I remembered the message on my new print, and it made me laugh right out loud.
How hilarious that I needed to put this slogan to use within minutes of it's arrival in my home! Now it hangs framed in a prominent spot wrinkles and all and some days it has become a little mantra in my head ...Keep Calm and Carry On...Keep Calm and Carry On... Ha ha!

Here is the interesting history behind this poster:


Laura said...


stephanie said...

What a perfect find!

Erin said...

That is so perfect. I love it!

Brittany said...

I love it!! And I laughed (and cried a little...like usual) when i read the story about Cannon! How funny. You are such a good mom - always trying to keep the right perspective. I need that print too in my house!!!!

Marnie said...

What a cute story. Love your perspective. Could you please email me the link where to buy the print? Thanks! And we would love to have you and Brad anytime!

Mindy said...

that is very sweet. Those little wrinkles are going to makethe sign even more endearing over the years.

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