Monday, November 23, 2009

Teacher Appreciation Dinner

We invited the boy's school teachers over for dinner last night. We are very blessed with fantastic teachers! We set the dining room with our best and the boys helped me make a nice dinner to show the treachers how grateful we are for their service.

On the Menu:
(*Click for recipe links)

After dinner the boys presented them with mini clipboards that we covered with fun patterened paper using the always fun Modge Podge! It was a sweet night. This may become a yearly tradition.
Thank you Jordan for the lovely idea!


kristi lee said...

Great idea and what a great menu too...I'm stealing that one for future use!

kad49 said...

Looks like your fitting in real good there; very nice pictures. We miss you guys alot, Happy Thanksgiving!! From: Melanie Davis

stephanie said...

I was reading back issues of Family Fun and read about this teacher appreciation idea only last week! Fun to see you doing it. Your home is just lovely. Yummy menu. I made your Buttermilk rolls for Thanksgiving and all 4 dozen of them were devoured!

Brittany said...

that sounds wonderful! What a great idea...and the menu sounded mouth watering! Are you going to post those on Sister's cafe? You need to! Your house looks beautiful, Mel. I can't wait to come see it!

Mindy said...

How wonderful! How do you do it! I can't stay on top of my life with one child let alone five. You are amazing, Mel.

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