Saturday, November 21, 2009

What a Week...

I am truly grateful for the inventor of this Marble track toy--it bought me some priceless time this week to organize a BIG Christmas dinner I was in charge of at my church. I know it is a little early, but the goal was to give women ideas for celebrating this year.

It turned out great, although I forgot my camera, of course.

Women signed up to decorate 8 round tables for service for six with their own Christmas dishes and decorations...I was amazed with how beautiful this turned out. It looked like I had stepped into a Christmas boutique.

I brought my big white serving dishes and platters, pooled Damask burgundy and sage colored table cloths, Nativities with (battery powered) candles for the serving tables. I was please with the effect ...simple and elegant.

A friend provided a table full of ideas for inexpensive and handmade Christmas gifts...I will post some these later...they were awesome!

For pre dinner visiting, we had appetizers and made little candy cane mice to donate to a Children's hospital over the holidays. I will post instructions soon---so cute and easy!

Dinner Menu:
Chicken a la King served in bread crowns (This is my families tradition for Christmas Eve-symbolic of Christ the King)
Fruit Salad
Green Celebration Salad
Eggnog Bundt Cake with Carmel Sauce

Then I gave a little Christmas Message on ideas for a Christ Centered Christmas . I will post this in December. I loved preparing for this, it really got me in the mood for Christmas.
**Also, this is my last Relief Society event to be in charge of, I was just given a new calling (church job) to serve as 1st counselor in the Young Womens!**
I am so excited!

In other news...I was thrilled to receive some pictures of my newest nephew in the mail. Introducing Logan Matthew...

Precious...I wish so much I could hold this little guy! Congratulations to my little brother Matt and his wife Amy!

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Erin said...

WOW! That Christmas dinner RS activity sounded wonderful. Beautiful and fun ideas. I can't wait to get more details. The boys playing with marble track are cuties. I see the nice windows in the background - I would love to see your home sometime. Little Logan is so adorable - that was my favorite picture too!
AND CONGRATS ON BEING CALLED TO THE YOUNG WOMENS!!!! That is so exciting! You will be such a great 1st counselor. I rely on my counselors so much - I know you will be great. I love you sis!

Natalie Jane said...

It was a great dinner and night. Thanks for all your hard work!

kaleyq said...

Whew! What a week! Sounds like it was a lot of work, but well worth it....can't wait to see pictures. We were playing Christmas music the other day....Thanksgiving is not even over and I am already in the mood for the Christmas tree and all that goes with it! And so, so happy for you to be in Young Women's. You will be fabulous!! :)

kristi lee said...

How much fun are you...and a blogger to boot!!! YEA! I'll totally do family pictures for you. They won't look as good as the great ones you have on your blog though. Those are fantastic. We're trying to get a group together for Saturday night to see New Moon...AGAIN! If you're interested I'll send you the details. No boys allowed!!!

stephanie said...

I am so glad the night turned out nice. I mentioned I am over ours here. I love your ideas and I did think of some of your same recipes (eggnog bundt, etc.) I'll have to let you know how ours goes---wish I had your amazing talent. I am sooo glad you are in Young Womens! You will be so good in advising and teaching the young women there.

Brittany said...

That RS activity sounded wonderful! I would have LOVED to attend such a beautiful and inspiring evening. Your blog is so fun to read - i love how you post. Logan is such a darling. I love this age when they are so soft and cuddly. He looks so much more like Matt than Wesley did!

Mindy said...

What a great idea for RS! I wish I could have gone. I really, really, really miss you Melanie. I love your blog, because it makes you feel a little closer.

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