Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Let it Snow!

While Brad and I were in Nashville (with no snow by the way) look what was going on at home! The boys were so excited they ransacked the house until they found some of their Utah snow clothes that I had put away in the attic!

They barely had time to make a snowman before it had all melted. I asked our cute baby sitters to take some pictures for me, since I guess this is quite rare. I have to admit I REALLY miss the snow. I was never one to complain about that white stuff. There is something so peaceful and beautiful about a world covered in snow! I loved it! But then again, I got to stay cozy in my home making cocoa for the boys. I may have felt differently if I had to commute in it! Connor and TJ got quite sick of shoveling the driveway last winter ! In fact I have reminded them that last year they both were heard wishing they could move somewhere with no snow. I guess they got their wish! They would like to take that back now:)

Good thing this happened on a Saturday, so they didn't have to cancel school. I hear that they do that around here for even a couple of inches! In fact they canceled school this morning ( 3 phone calls at 5am) because of all the rain and possible flooding. I have not seen any floods--but we have enjoyed our day together!

Brad and I had a great time in Nashville, but I was sad to miss playing in the snow with my boys. I had so much fun last year...remember our family of snow boys ?
I think we are going to have to spend Christmas in Utah next year.
What do you think Mom and Dad?


momma4 said...

We've got enough snow for everyone up here! Looks like the boys had fun! I'm glad you did too! BTW, your house is so gorgeous!! And, I need your new address for the better late than never Christmas card I need to send you!

Natalie Jane said...

They cancel school when there is a CHANCE of snow. No lie.

kaleyq said...

Love the snowman! It's so fun to see your beautiful home! Thought of you this last weekend as I was passing through Atlanta to and from NYC. Hope you had a wonderful time on your little getaway! Still miss you all! :)

Erin said...

That looks fun fun fun! I love your little boys! (Well, maybe not all of them are so little anymore!) They are so much fun, and so handsome and happy! I'm glad they enjoyed the snow while it lasted!

Mindy said...

Yes! Come home next Christmas! We miss you SO MUCH!!! Tell the boys I like their snowman! :

Brittany said...

You absolutely should spend Christmas in Utah next year! we will be there and it would be so fun to see you!! The snow looked really fun...we actually got a skiff today. It was so fun to see it floating down though - made me feel more at home! The boys look so darn cute...I miss them!

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