Thursday, March 18, 2010

Crazy Bracelets Everywhere

Coleman's collection proudly displayed along with crumbs from an after school snack

My boys (Connor and down) are crazy about these funny bracelets.

They wear bunches of them at the same time and make trades with their buddies at school.
The coveted ones at the moment are of the rock band theme: microphone, guitar etc.
With all boys, I never thought I would have bracelets everywhere!
Is this just a Tennessee thing or are your kids crazy about these things too?


Natalie Jane said...

What the....??? I've never seen those before. Don't let Lydia see them!

Brittany said...

How funny! I've never seen them but then Gabe misses out on all the fads still! :) I love the "proudly displayed with crumbs from a snack"!! you are so funny!!

Jill said...

I have been looking for these bracelets all over and can't find them. Where do you get them?

Melanie Anne said...

Hi Jill,
We bought these at Walgreens. They were right next to the checkout counter. Good luck:)

Erin said...

How funny! I love them!

Mindy said...

Those look cool! I am wondering though...aren't they awkward to keep on your wrist in all of those funny shapes?

Adam said...

I love your website. I'm an AZ girl living in CT and they are crazy about those bracelets here too!

kera said...

my girls are NUTSO over these, especially my oldest and yes they trade them at school too. good to know you can find them at walgreens too....we've only found them at the learning express (toy store). i'm soooo excited to find another chattanoogan blogging!! not that they don't exist, today is the first time i've stumbled into one. i found my way here through jordan and katie's blogs (which i LOVE even though i don't know them)!!!

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