Monday, March 22, 2010

Menu Mondays

Chickpea and Noodle Soup--my lunch today--sooo good!!

Wow--I can't believe another week is starting. Time seems to be zipping by! This weekly menu planning is really helping me get organized! Although I must confess that I don't always stick to it. Last week was crazy and we ended up with scrambled eggs one night, and a cold cereal another (with green smoothies--my saving grace:). That is why you see the Black Bean Avocado and Mango Tostados are a repeat from last weeks menu. I bought avocados and a mango and then never got to try the recipe. So tomorrow night for sure. If it is as good as it sounds I will post it on Sisterscafe. Also, my boys are crazy over pizza. They think we MUST have it at least once a week! I have been experimenting with whole wheat crusts! I will prefect and it and let you know! Hopefully we will stick to our menu better this week!

Monday-- Ribolletta *(Rustic Bean & Kale soup), whole wheat Baguette, with Dubliner Cheese
FHE treat--Best Chocolate Chip Cookies*
Tuesday--Black Bean, Avocado and Mango Tostados, Fresh Cantaloupe, Carrot Sticks
Wednesday--5 Minute Marinara* with olives, zuchini, mushrooms, grated carrots over whole wheat angel hair pasta sprinkled with fresh parmesan, Caesar Salad*, whole grain breadsticks
Thursday--Thai Peanut Chicken*, fresh Pineapple
Friday--Date night--boys get Mac and Cheese/ leftovers
Saturday--Homemade Pizza with whole Wheat Crust and 5 cheeses, Spring Salad Mix with a sundried tomato vinigrette
Sunday--Whole Wheat Pancakes*, Sunny side up Eggs, Hashbrowns, Grapefruit and smoothies
*these recipes can be found on


stephanie said...

I'm anxious to hear how the tostadas turn out. My kids love breakfast dinners like your Sunday fare. Everything looks great. I wanted to tell you that I used Erin's Chicken Pesto Pizza and your Citrus dressing from your Lemon Spinach Salad recipe for our RS Birthday Dinner. Everyone seemed to love it. Thanks always for sharing your recipes!

Brittany said...

sounds usual! We had whole wheat pancakes tonight! With hash browns and those Morning Star veggie sausages you told me about. They were pretty good! I didn't plan dinner since I was positive I would be at hospital by then... oh well! :) Breakfast food is always great for last minute. Love ya!

Mindy said...

Looks so good! I love that Ribolita. Makes me want to make it again just thinking about it.

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