Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rediscovering Monopoly

Brad bought the great game of Monopoly and introduced it to the boys last year on a "boys only" ski trip. They were so excited about playing it when they got home. During the move it was forgotten, but has recently been rediscovered. For some reason it warms my heart to see my boys all huddled around this game laughing and sometimes arguing, but having a good time:)
Even though it is brand new, it looks exactly like the old game from my childhood. It brings back so many happy memories of my little brother Matt and I playing marathon Monopoly games late into Saturday nights and finishing up on Sunday after church. If I remember right, I think I always lost, (he was a shrewd little businessman even as a child) but it was so much fun!
Do you remember playing this game as a kid?
It made me miss you Matt!


Mindy said...

I love monopoly, too. Griff and I used to play sometimes. I'll have to get it out soon. Coleman is looking so old these days. All of them do, really! I am excited to see Con and TJ when the viist. Love you all!

stephanie said...

I love board games. I have great memories playing Monopoly, Clue, Sorry, etc. Recently we played Yahtzee with the kids for FHE and we had a fun time with everyone (even little Josie can roll dice.)

Carrie Hazar said...

I remember playing this with Bradley as a kid...I think he always won too, but he is like 6 years older then me so I think he had an unfair advantage. Ask him if he remembers playing Hotels with the Zobells? Good times for sure!! At our house we are still on games like candyland, guess who, and chuts and ladders...I can't wait until we graduate to monopoly! It was fun talking to you yesterday. XOXO

Jan S said...

That was such a cute post. I remember you kids playing that game and having a good time.You and Matt were so close growing up - it made me happy to see you playing together. You were the perfect big sister and he loved you so much. I laughed at your comment that he was a "shrewd business man even then." I remember he WAS an intense little competitor! ha-ha!
Sure love you.

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