Monday, May 17, 2010

Menu Monday

Thai Coconut Curry Shrimp from last week--on sisters cafe--mmmmm

**Most of these recipes are on Sisters Cafe**

Monday--Citrus Gouda & Chicken pasta Salad, fresh whole wheat Baguette,fresh pineapple, broccoli, ice cream with fudge sauce for FHE (family home evening)

Tuesday-- Quinoa Cakes with Black Bean Salsa (last week they didn't happen--we had last minute quesidillas instead), with guacamole, corn on the cob and applesauce

Wednesday--Tiki Masala over Brown Basmati Rice, spinach salad with strawberries, lightly sauted snap peas with sesame seeds

Thursday--Crustless Quiche, whole wheat banana muffins, roasted cauliflower, oranges

Friday--Leftovers or frozen food for boys--date night for Brad and I with our birthday boy--he chooses the restraunt!

Saturday--Connor's birthday party--pizza and lots of junk food with all his friends:)

Sunday--Connor's actual birthday-- Grilled Chicken, Fettucini Alfredo (my boy's favorite), baked parmesan zuchini strips with marinara dip, breadsticks, fresh grapes and peanut butter fudge cake for the birthday celebration


Holly and Ken Grover said...

Hi I love your sisters blog & often come to yours to see your weekly menu. I also plan a weekly menu for my family, it makes it so much easier! I have Quinoa on hand but haven't used it to much. I would love to get your recipe for the Quinoa Cakes with Black Bean Salsa. Also if you have any other great Quinoa recipes I would love to try them. Gotta use that food storage! Have you ever sprouted it?

Brittany said...

yum - sounds like a delicious and nutritions week! I'm excited for Connor's bday - you guys have some fun times planned it looks like!

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