Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Need a little inspiration...Watch this!

Remember this post I wrote about Ms. Stephanie Nelson of Nie Nie Dialogues a couple of years ago? I love this girl! She is such an inspiration! Here is a little update on her story. She is a beautiful woman living a beautful life even thru incredible difficulities.


Brittany said...

that was beautiful mel - thanks for sharing it. what a difficult journey she has been placed on... but what inspiration she is giving to others. wow.

kera said...

I just found her blog several months ago and poured over it for hours and hours crying and amazed....crying and amazed. Indeed she is a WONDERFUL inspiring leading who God is truly leading!! Thanks for sharing this video...hadn't yet seen it!
By the way we ran into Charity the other night and I told her about seeing her picture on your blog!!

momma4 said...

Thanks Mel. Because of you, I have been following her blog and I am truly inpsired by what a strong, wonderful and faithful woman she is!

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