Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Anniversary to us and the Zermatt

We celebrated 14 years together on the 29th by sneaking off to the Marriott in Downtown Salt Lake City for a night. We had a view of the temple we were married and sealed in, right out our window!
To learn more about the temple click here.

Brad called it "Kid Detox" after that LONG roadtrip! It was fun to get away, have a nice dinner, sleep in and enjoy each others company.

We came home to pick up the boys and head up to Midway to hang out with my brother's family at his townhome at the Zermatt. It is beautiful up there!

We especially loved our company!

(Bridger and baby Logan)

Uncle Matt insisted on taking Connor and TJ fishing even though he just had major surgery on his broken ankle (8 screws and a plate in there) ! What a great Uncle!

While fishing with his broken leg fresh out of surgery Uncle Matt got a nice big hook stuck in his finger while getting the boys set up. He had to go get it cut out at an instacare. I am telling you, that guy has had the worst luck this week! We sure love you Matt! Thanks for sharing your awesome place with us and taking the boys fishing! XOXO


I was just thinking... I know he was in a lot of pain--but I really never heard my brother complain. He has always been like that. He is one tough guy and chooses to have fun and be happy no matter! I love that about him.

Ok I must go to sleep now! I am enjoying my daily little accounting of our trip in this blog though! It is a nice way to end the day:)

Next up: Coleman turns eight tomorrow!!! We have big plans!


stephanie said...

Mike and I stayed at the Zermatt last year. It was a nice get-away. Happy Anniversary you two!

Brittany said...

What a fun anniversary - romantic and relaxing! The pic you took was beautiful - you guys are so cute! :) Fishing looked fun (poor Matt though!) and the Zermatt too... I'm going to miss that place! WE have had so many great memories there!

Brittany said...

happy birthday Coleman!!!!!!!!!! We are excited to call later and sing! :) I have to add to all my other comments that the boys all look so TAN!! i love it! We are all super WHITE here in cold, rainy Washington! you guys would laugh!!

Erin said...

Oh my word, I can't believe that about Matt. Poor guy, seriously, but what a great uncle. I think that is so neat that he doesn't complain. He is such a great brother.
It sounds like your anniversary getaway was just the thing! What a great way to spend time together. Congratulations on 14 years! You two are still perfect for each other!

Mindy said...

I love that phrase, "Kid Detox." I think I could use that occasionally. :) I'm glad you guys got a get away. And your right about Matt. He is such a fun uncle/brother, and he rarely complains. Tough guy!

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