Saturday, July 3, 2010


On Coleman's 8th birthday we pulled off a big time suprise for our boy!
He had no idea that all 12 of his buddies from our old neighborhood were in the backyard when he came out for our "family BBQ". It was a delight to see his shock and joy at the sight of these giggling friends all yelling surprise and running for him as he stepped out!

We served Coleman's requested birthday dinner of hot dogs, doritos, watermelon and lemonade.

Then Grandpa saddled up his horses and gave rides to everybody!
The children were so excited!!

Everyone was lead around the pastures by Grandpa, Grandma, Connor and Brad, except for Cowboy Coleman who took the reins and confidently rode himself:)
Even Bridger rode:) That was a first--he usually just watches and does NOT want to saddle up.
After we had a gourmet cake of stacked Hostess cupcakes. This won't be making an appearance on the Sisters Cafe:) but the kids loved it.

Happy Birthday my sweet EIGHT year old boy!
Coleman you are a joy and ray of sunshine in our home and we love you so much!


Erin said...

hahaha! What, no recipe directions for the creative Hostess Stacked Cake?! What a pity! :) I'm so glad that Coleman had a fun birthday party. What a handsome guy he is. It sounds like such a blast! And he looks great in the saddle!

Brittany said...

Oh what darling pictures of our Coleman! He is such a handsome guy! What a fun bday party for him - yay! Wish we could have come and surprised him too! I'm so happy that he chose to be baptized and that he is such a righteous and good boy. I love him so much!!

Mindy said...

What a fun birthday party! The picture of the kids lined up on the fence was so cute.

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