Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My very own Super Heros

Let me introduce you to my very own 'in house' Super Heroes...
Here we have a strong, but humble "Incredible Hulk" and a shy but powerful "Spiderman"

And here is a new star among the Superheros...Mr. Ninja-Cowboy-Pirate.
He is amazingly fierce and very charming.

I am so honored to have these guys always at my service (and to trip over all day)!
I am one lucky lady!!


Emily said...

Hi Melanie -

I just wanted to say again how cute your family is.

I'm getting a lot closer to having 5 myself and I'm getting nervous. Thank heavens I know it can be done.

I implemented your chore chart system at my house and it is fantastic. Thank you!!

This is probably going to sound cocky - but I have done a lot of work figuring out blogger and if you'd like, I can get help you on your food blog so that your text for your titles doesn't get cut off on the sides. (Only if you'd like - if not, just totally ignore this or tell me to jump off a bridge).

Have a great day.

Brittany said...

Oh those pictures are so cute - I love those boys!! I am laughing right now! :) Each one is so precious. The humble, strong Bridger, the shy and powerful Cannon and the awesome ninja-pirate-cowboy!! what a hoot! :)

Mindy said...

Those boys are so cute! Jack got so excited to see their pictures in their cool costumes. I've got to say Coleman's is my favorite, though. :)

Amy said...

These boys are too funny! Bridger and Cannon look like they are becoming best buddies, I swear they are playing together in every picture I see of them! And Coleman must have come up with his costume all by himself, so creative!:) What a fun and crazy life you have these days! We're so excited that you and the boys will be coming to Utah in just a few short weeks!!!

By the way, if you're friend Emily wants to show me how I would love to fix the text on Sisters Cafe. It bugs me too when it cuts it off like that. Just let me know.

Lose some fat Matt said...

Hey Melabutt! Amy told me to get on and check out your blog. I've looked at the last month or two's and it was actually quite fun! Maybe I should do this more often! :) You're such a creative person and your execution is phenomenal! 5 boys, busy busy hubby, beautiful home, cooking blog, etc etc etc and yet you find the time to be so creative! I'd like to hire you as a consultant for my management teams- they could learn something from you!

It was good to see you recently! That picture of you and Logan is awesome. I can't believe how much your boys continue to change. Coleman looks so different in these pics. It will be very good to reconnect with those 5 this summer. Love you!

Jan S said...

That was a fun blog. They are so darn cute and their little personalities are screaming out! Coleman just kills me - he is such a corker! I miss the kids - can hardly wait to see you in two weeks!

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