Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Birthday with Boys part II

Brad gave up trying to get the boys to quit making faces. So instead we all just pulled our best, except for Cannon who was contemplating an unfortunate incident with the cake...

I was going thru pictures tonight and came across these hilarious shots that I had to post so I wouldn't forget these delightful birthday memories with my boys.

Brad bought me the cutest giant decorated cookie for my birthday cake. I loved it and so did all my boys. They would stop and admire it (and sneak a piece of the frosting here and there) as we got dinner ready. Well, there was a bit of commotion and Cannon was heard exclaiming" Oh nooo!" I look over there and my cute cookie cake is face down on the kitchen floor with candles askew and pink frosting smooshing out everywhere. ..and little Cannon was standing there in shock!

Everybody started scolding him saying stuff like 'Cannon what have you done?" He responded by saying it wasn't him and blaming Coleman. We just rolled our eyes because he always blames Coleman for anything and everything that happens, even when Coleman is gone at school. It is pretty funny, actually--poor Coleman. So no one thought anything about it really. I just scooped up the cookie and squished it back into the pan. I told my disappointed guys that it was just an accident and it will still taste good! (I mean there was no question that they were still going to eat it!)

And that was that and everybody got back to what ever they were doing to help get dinner on. Well a few minutes later Coleman quietly comes up to me and very softly says "Um Mom can I talk to ya?" Turns out that Coleman really did knock the giant cookie off the counter top and was feeling guilty that Cannon took the blame. I was very impressed by his honest little heart. How I love this sweet Coley of mine!

Anyway this really is what life with boys is like!!

It is messy and crazy but I love it with all my heart!

I also had an awesome birthday date with the boy that stole my heart, in downtown Chattanooga. Dinner was fantastic and the walk on the Tennessee River was a little hot and humid, but wonderfully romantic nonetheless!

Hand in hand we talked about our life together, our precious boys, and how we have been celebrating each others birthdays since we were 16.

It brought back the memory of this other endearingly messy birthday cake that a sweet 17 year old boy made me many years ago.

And an adorable candy poster! He was one talented guy!

I knew Brad was the boy for me with these heartfelt offerings!

I (and all my little sisters) was in love!

He has been making my birthdays special ever since
and I am still in love! :)

I must say...Life with boys is good!


kaleyq said...

That is so sweet, Melanie! What a creative guy you've got! :) And what an honest little Coleman...I'm sure the cookie tasted just as good. Looking forward to your visit.

Erin said...

That is so funny! I am laughing out loud about how Coleman got off easy from spilling the cake, and then came up and confessed later. Hehe! You already told me that story, but it was funt o see the pictures too. And I just LOVE that candy poster Brad made for you years ago. So cute! Especially with the H in 'Birthday' being stuck in on the side because it was forgotten! haha! I just love it!!!!

Amy said...

What a wonderful birthday!! happy birthday! You are such an amazing mom, those boys are lucky, (all 6 of them) hope they realize that! :)

momma4 said...

Melanie - that is so cute! I love how Coleman was a such a sweetie. I agree - life with boys is NEVER boring! And, I had no idea that you and Brad have known each other for that long! How cool!

Brittany said...

Oh mel, I loved that post. You had me teary-eyed at the beginning with how sweet Coleman was to own up to being the cookie-smasher! :) And imagining Cannon standing there in shock saying Uh-oh was so cute!! I miss you guys. Then I loved hearing about those bday's with Brad. I remember that cake! We all laughed so hard but of course we were all super impressed that he had tried so hard! :) I love the both of you so much. you are so good together. I can't WAIT to see you again in September! (that seems awfully long away right now but I'm sure it will come quickly!)

kera said...

looks a perfect birthday.....even the dropping of the cookie cake!! sweet boys you have....ALL of them!
oh and made the summer squash!!! DELIGHTFUL!!! enjoyed by ALL! making it again saturday night for dinner with friends! thanks for the recipe!

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