Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hiking the Y and some Y fun facts

Little did I know what I was in for when I took this picture at the base of the famous Y Moutain in Provo Utah. Let me just say that it was MUCH harder than I remember it being when I hiked it as a freshman at BYU.

It was very steep! A couple of times I had to rescue the children

(Just Kidding Grandmas:)

Seriously I was exhausted! I think I need to start running again. The boys had me at a very fast pace--I kept "suggesting" we slow down to "enjoy the views" and take water breaks!

Look at that view!!

We were so proud of ourselves until we met this seriously old guy who does it for his daily exercise. He says it is the fountain of youth. He also told us that you burn 1000 calories on this hike. I am not so sure about a 1000, but...

with that in mind we treated ourselves to BIG ice cream cones at the BYU creamery (home of the BEST ice cream west of the Mississippi). OK I am not sure if that is true--but it is REALLY good!
As we ate our ice cream the boys informed me that it is now a family tradition to hike the Y everytime we go to Utah--summer or winter! I guess I better start getting into shape!

Fun Y Facts
*In 1906 the Junior class at BYU wanted to paint a big 07 on the Mountain. This of course upset the Seniors and so the Y president suggested painting BYU on the mountain instead.
*By Spring of 1907 the letters we "mapped" out on the mountain and a line of high school and college students and faculty made a bucket brigade to get buckets of lime, sand, and rocks up the mountain to fill in the letters. After 6 hours of hard labor only the Y was filled, so filling in the other two letters was postponed and later abandoned all together.
*The large white Y on the side of the mountain has become the nationally recognized insignia for BYU and the reason why BYU is often called "the Y". It is made of concrete and is 380 feet high and 130 feet wide (116 by 40 m). No other college in the United States has a larger symbol, in fact, the Y is even larger than the letters in the "Hollywood sign" in California


Mindy said...

I had forgotten that story about the Y. Thanks for sharing it again. I definitely want to go with you next time... hopefully without a baby in my belly. Although, I'll have to start exercising immediately after I have him so I can hack hiking with him on my back. Then again, a babysitter sounds really good... hehe

Katrina said...

What a fun post. We just moved back to Utah from Kansas. Been here about a month. My husband grew up in Utah County and has never hiked the Y. (Whatever.) I did once back in the day. I've been telling him we should take the boys and go up there.
Did you take your two little guys? We're torn between taking or not the 3 yo and maybe even the 6 yo.
What fun facts I did not even know!

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