Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fine Summer Days

I am realizing that the best things in life are the small and simple stuff.

One morning my crew was eating their bowls of Life cereal when they got a crazy idea. Next thing I knew they were all jumping on the trampoline and running around with the sprinklers on, throwing their t-shirts to the wind and laughing it up!

I went to pick up my Coleman from our old neighborhood one afternoon and found the most lovely sight.
A group of children were gathered around in a circle chatting and laughing together. They had found a perfect spot in the cool shade to escape the heat of the day. They were so content in each others company on a lazy summer afternoon, I wanted to join them--Cannon did!

One of the happiest evenings for me was a night with my two little puppies--Bridger and Cannon. My older boys were gone enjoying late nights with friends.
So the three of us jumped on the tramp, played silly games in the yard, stopped by the snow shack for yummy cones with "buried treasure" (gummy worms) and ended the night with a warm bubble bath. As I tucked in my two sweet smelling boys all slathered with Burts Baby Bee lotion (my favorite) I knew that even though there was nothing too special about this day, I would always remember it.
It was simple but so sweet!

My little "twins" seem to get closer to the same size everyday!

They grow so fast--too fast! I feel like I need to savor my time with these little toddlers while it lasts.

PS We are on the road home again to beautiful TN. Pray for us...this is a LOOOONG drive with five boys, let me tell ya!


stephanie said...

I love, love, love the bubble bath pic. Glad you had a wonderful time here in Utah. I am so enjoying my little baby. Have a great trip back!

momma4 said...

Missing you on the 24th celebration! Glad that you were able to hang out in UT with your family! Love reading your posts about your sweet little boys!

Mindy said...

That bubble bath picture is adorable! And I love how fun and crazy all your boys are. Although, I guess they can take a break to chat with friends too. Fun memories, sis!

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