Friday, July 23, 2010

a Seriously FUN game

(Please ignore the face my new teenager is pulling. He all of a sudden hates pictures and loves to torment his Mother with weird faces whenever possible)

I love LOVE to see my boys playing happily together. My older boys rode their ripsticks to Kohlers (local grocery store) and picked up Powerade and Airhead treats for an afternoon of "Take Two". A pretty sweet sight for me.
And, let me tell you that game is SERIOUSLY fun! Wanna play?

Directions for Take Two:
1. Lay out all the scrabble tiles straight on the table (leave the board in the box)
2 Turn them over and shuffle the tiles
3. Each player takes 7 tiles.
4. When you saw go--everyone turns over their seven tiles and tries to combine their own seven to make words--the same form as scrabble. Up and down --words sharing letters etc. Same word rules apply as in No names etc.
5. When a player uses all their given tiles to make interconnecting word they say "take two" --or take one if you have a big group playing.
6. Everyone then tries to use their two new letter tiles. When a player does he yells "take Two" again and everyone takes two more word tiles.
7. Game is over when someone uses all their tiles in words and there is not enough tiles left for everyone to take one. The tiles that you have not used count against you --just add up the numbers on the tiles.

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Mindy said...

We played that game last night. I found another "q" word that doesn't require a "u": QAT. It is a type of shrub. Tell TJ and Connor I wish they were still here to play with us.

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