Thursday, August 26, 2010

My own Personal 'Worker' Guys

Bridger and Cannon are into being "worker guys" lately. I think it has something to do with the recent kitchen remodel. They were very interested in the "workers" we had in and out of the house. Now I have these little men that want me to put them to work all day. They are done with each job REALLY quickly, don't need breaks and expect me to come up with more work to be done on the spot. Oh and aside from the occasional glass of chocolate milk, they are free!
Would you like me to send them over?

Yesterday while I was making dinner, I was hammered with the never ending "Ok Mom now what should I fix for ya?" And they remember what they fixed yesterday, so I have to get really creative or Cannon will say "Silly Mommy, I alweady fix dat!"

Speaking of the remodel...I am LOVING it! My space feels 100% bigger!
I will take some pictures and show you my new and improved kitchen, soon!

But not now, I have to go my 'worker guys' are calling!


kaleyq said...

I desperately need some worker guys here at my house! :) Wish you could just send them on over! Can't wait to see your new kitchen...sounds fabulous!

Brittany said...

oh my gosh that was freaking adorable!! (can I say that in your comments or do the boys read this?!!) No seriously, that had me laughing and wanting to cry at the same time because they are so cute and I miss them so much! I just cannot wait to see you guys soon. Give those hard workers a kiss from me - wish I could have them come over and fix up my house!!

Mindy said...

I loved that post! I can just imagine your little worker guys strapping on their tool belts each morning and immediately pestering you for things to fix. I just have this huge urge to drop everything and drive over to your house to witness those little cutie pies at work. I wish it were just that easy! Tell them I have lots of projects for them the next time they come to visit. :)

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