Saturday, August 21, 2010


On our big{crazy} cross country roadtrip home from Utah, we spent a little time in the very cool city of St. Louis.
We rolled in just before sunset, with enough light to dip our toes into the great (and overflowing) Mississippi River while we waited on a table for 7 at the Old Spaghetti Factory in cobblestoned 'old town' St. Louis.

After a warm (and non fast food dinner we checked into the Hilton, right across the street from the Busch Stadium.

Since we got in after dark, the boys were delighted with the view from our room in the morning. They were all wishing there was a game that day we could go to.

Before resuming our loooong drive we went to check out the "Gateway to the West"

My happy to be all lined up for Mom.

We enjoyed the museum...sort of--I mean, I did, but the boys were only really interested in getting to the top..oh that and buying candy from the gift shop:)

We finally bought our tickets and waited our turn to step into these tiny little tram cars that slowly carry you up the inside of the arch.

Then you walk the last few steps to peer out of rows of tiny windows on the very center and tippy top of the Arch.
What a crazy {freaky} view that was!

See that...630 feet, yikes!

We all agreed that this was a very cool city and we would love to spend more time there some day...but Tennessee was calling us home!

I think this shot was somewhere in Nebraska--let me tell you --that state NEVER ends!

It was a LONG drive home, but we made it! Phew!


Emily said...

You were so close to us...we live 30 minutes time you'll have to call us!! Sorry we missed you...I'm sure it was hard to schedule visits on a long road trip...sounds like you had a wonderful summer!

M and N Tenny said...

Such a great post! Glad you made it home safely. Your boys are just darling.

annie and jared said...

So FUN! I loved seeing you guys when you were here. btw.. i have some news.. see my blog :)

Brittany said...

Nebraska never ends, huh?! :) That made me chuckle - what a LONG drive for you guys. I'm so glad you got to see some of the country on your way though. St Louis looked super fun. It's so fun to see pics of the boys and hear about what they like, etc (like the view out the window of the stadium, haha!) I miss you guys... only a few more weeks til we get to see you though!!

Mindy said...

How fun! You guys sure made the best of a long trip. I think the arch looked super cool. And I loved the back of Connor's bed head looking over the stadium. I miss you guys.

stephanie said...

I love the pic of all 5 of your boys lined up under the Arch. I've wanted to go up in the Arch, but I have only been in the St. Louis airport---thanks for the shots. Someday we might make the trip.

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