Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy Weekend Plans

School has been on for over 2 weeks now and my boys are T-I-R-E-D and frazzled!
It is always a little rough to transition from carefree summertime to {what they think} is the extreme stress of Middle School with lots of classes, overwhelming amounts of homework and big assignments, on top of exhausting 3 hour football practises everyday! I am tired just writing all that :) So on that note, let me tell you ...we are all very happy that the weekend is here! Phew!
Plans for De-stressing the Boys this weekend
*Friday night movie with cold gatorades and buttered popcorn (using Grandpa's special 'recipe')
*No alarm clocks Saturday morning
*Big pancakes, eggs and bacon breakfast with fresh peach smoothies
*Yark work and super cleaning our house {not fun-but needed} together with our favorite tunes blasting {kinda fun?}
*Afternoon swim with the whole family-hurrah
*BBQ with fresh corn on the cob and cherries from the Farmers Market--yum!'
*Games and red vines--and get them into bed fairly early{wish me luck wiht that one}
*Slow and sweet Sunday--sleep in, church, naps, maybe some home videos (that is always good for some laughs) , and lots of TLC from their Momma--boys pretend that they don't like that, but secretly I think they do and I know they NEED it!
I hope that my plans have the desired effect! It makes me sad to see my children struggle and feel overwhelmed, but I know that it is actually good for them and a necessary part of growing up, learning to be responsible and successful in life. I can't take the stress away, and I don't want to! Even thought it is hard, I know that learning to cope with it now will make them stronger and more capable later in life when {shh don't tell them} it is actually harder and matters more.
All I can do is be generous with my love and affection when they are home.
Ohh the pains of growing up:) and the pains of being a Mother!


Brittany said...

Oh Mel what a sweet post (and AWSESOME picture - go TJ!!!) we all know how stressful life can be and I remember how stressful middle and high school was too... I feel sorry for the boys. But what a FUN weekend you have planned - even the work part sounds fun since it's sandwiched inbetween so much fun stuff! Just reading about it makes me long to be at your house... oh wait I WILL be there in just a few short weeks - horay!! :) Love you guys!

Mindy said...

Fun weekend! I noticed there was no homework bullet? Does that mean they have a project free, homework free weekend? I hope so! It sounds like they deserve a break. PS Tell TJ he looks super cool doing that flip into the pool!

Erin said...

Oh, I really loved this post. What an insightful mother you are. I hope those boys had a good weekend. I love you! Thank you for being such an inspiration!
And that is one cool picture of TJ flipping! I love all of you!

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