Monday, September 20, 2010

Menu Monday

Oh boy, today was a doozy. I woke up with the worst chest/head cold, feeling like I had been hit by a bus. When I went to pick up my sweet little 3 year old for a good morning hug, I could immediatly tell that he had wet his bed again for the 3rd time this week! He is so darn cute that I can't be mad, but I really did not feel like changing his sheets again! Yuk!( I have come to the conclusion that he must wear a diaper to bed even though he REALLY doesn't want to. I think I will just have to sneak it on after he falls asleep!) I spent the rest of the day trying to mother my crew, while coughing and sneezing until my head and chest ached. I hate being sick and I must get better quick. I am in charge of a dinner at my church for the General Relief Society Broadcast, for 250 people. Luckily I have a few friends that are kindly willing to help. Thank heavens!
Anyway here is our weekly menu. There are some repeats like the flank steak that I had marinating in the fridge for my guests last week, but we ended up going out instead. I grilled that tonight--my hubby was shocked, I think he was expecting cold cereal considering my condtion:) but I had a burst of energy around dinner time and my boys appreciated that!
Monday: Flank Steak, Twice baked Potatoes (baked straight from my freezer), green beans, multigrain bread slices. FHE treat: Blue Bell ice cream
Tuesday: Football games for our older boys--Brad is picking up pizza
Wednesday: Quinoa Salad with lots of fresh veggies, fresh peaches, whole wheat rolls
Thursday: BBQ chicken salad with bleu cheese dressing, sliced apples, carrots and cucumber spears
Friday: Date night for Mom and Dad--Cheese quesidillas for the boys, grapes & brocoli
Saturday: I will be busy at the church dinner--Brad will be in charge of dinner:)
Sunday: Pesto pizza with fresh mozzerella and garden tomatoes on a whole wheat crust, green salad with lots of crisp veggies, Perfect Brownies
Well, I am off to take some niquil and sink into my cozy bed--yeah!!


Laura said...

Hope you feel better- we've had colds too :( I just had a great quinoa salad YUM! My kids would never eat it though. I'll have to keep trying!

kera said...

I first must say that I feel SOOOOO very bad about not getting back to you on "things to do in Chatt"! It was one of those things where I was waiting to have the quiet time to sit down and thoughtfully tell you all of the great places to go and yummy places to eat. That time, obviously, never came and I am quite ashamed! SORRY! Moving on....maybe it will make you feel better that I have a 4 1/2 year old in night time diapers!! It's one of the things I won't stress over and I know she won't go to college in them! So bedtime rolls around and on the diaper goes! Can't deal with changing sheets 15 times a week!! On a brighter note I hope you get to feeling better VERY VERY SOON!!! Selah was at our church the other night and from afar we could see Charity (one of your son's teacher's) and her husband. All of a sudden you popped into my mind and was wondering if maybe you were tucked into the crowd somewhere!

Brittany said...

looks delish - I can tell you had thai peanut noodles too from the pic? that is what I made Monday night for us! :) I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!! hope you get better soon - love you!

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