Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sister Love

I am sitting here going through all the pictures I took while my little sister Brittany and her family were here. I have a little lump in my throat that they left this morning. We had such a lovely week sharing our home and city with them. It was a treat and I am sad that our week together is over.

I am blessed with a very close family and it is hard to live so far away from all of them. Brittany and I shared a room for years and lived within 5 minutes of each other until just last year when she moved to Seattle and I moved to Tennessee. So you can imagine what a happy reunion this was for us! We would find ourselves giggling like we were little girls again and hugging for no reason! We were so happy to be together!

Sweet little Gabe, I was there to help welcome him into the world... I love this little guy!

I was in heaven lovin' on this little lady! This was the outfit I picked out for her when she was born. Nyah is so cute--I could not get enough of those smiles! What a bundle of pure LOVE!

Two of "3 Amigos" (as Grandpa calls the three cousins all born within months of each other). Cannon and Gabe had a blast together! We missed you Wesley!

What a beautiful Mama and daughter! I am not kidding when I say that this little girl is always happy and quick to break into a huge smile whenever you talk to her. It is precious!

I really can not tell you what a delight it was to have them here! It meant so much to have them come from all the way across the country and use their resources, flight miles and vacation time to visit us. What an honor:)

I have many more pictures to share of all of our adventures in Chattanooga! More to come, but I better get to bed. I came down with a horrible cold today and have tried to lay low in hopes that I will better by tomorrow! Moms can not be sick, you know?!

Menu Monday tomorrow! And I am getting out my fall decor this week! Yeah for fall!


Janell said...

How fun! And what a beautiful bunch! Are we actually getting glimpses of the "new" kitchen remodel?

Carrie Hazar said...

Such cute pictures! I hope we can make the trip to see you sometime soon! I swear you and Brittany are looking more and more first glance I thought she was you in that first picture. So glad you had a wonderful week. Give everyone a squeeze for me and hope you are feeling better!~XOXO

Erin @ The Sisters Cafe said...

Oh my goodness, it sounds like such a wonderful time together! Every single picture you posted is fantastic. Nyah is of course smiling like a darling in each one. You are gorgeous,and so is Brittany. Gabe is so happy and cute. I am so glad you guys could be together. I am jealous! Thanks for sharing the pics!

Mindy said...

These pictures make me jealous! What a fun week. Jack and I had fun looking at all the pictures. For some reason the whole time you were here he called everyone TJ, but now Jack loves to point out Connor. :) Anyway, I loved those pictures of some of the people I love the most!

Brittany said...

oh Mel, you made me get all teary! I just love you so much - the week we spent at your house was so special to me... I loved remembering how we really would start laughing and hugging for no reason! I was so happy to just be in your presence again! I miss you so much!! Your whole family made us feel so welcome and loved!! Those pictures you got are adorable! I can't wait for that disc to come in the mail! :)

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