Monday, September 13, 2010

There is a Little Lady in the house...& Menu Monday

My sister and her sweet family are here! It feels like an early Christmas! This morning the boys and I enjoyed some time with our darling little Nyah while her family slept (trying to get used to the 3 hour time change). We love having a girl around here. Bridger told me that he really wishes Nyah could be in our family and live here all the time!

We are over the moon to have Eric, Brittany, Gabe and Nyah visiting!

Now for our Weekly Menu

Monday: Chili Verde, green salad, homemade refried beans, guacamole & chips
FHE treat: vanilla bean ice cream with chocolate truffle sauce

Tuesday: Thai Coconut Curry, jasmine rice, sesame roasted broccoli, fresh pineapple
Wednesday: Ministrone soup, artisan bread, sliced apples
Thursday: Homemade Pesto Pizza, spinach salad, carrots and cucumbers/dip
Friday: Go out for some Southern BBQ
Saturday: Marinated Flank Steak, twice baked potatoes, chinese green beans, honey wheat rolls, Cobbler with home made icecream
Sunday: Frittata with zuchnini, lemon bread, grapes


wilkinson_fam said...

As I read your last two posts, I'm convinced MORE THAN EVER that you are a super mom! You are amazing. How fun to have your sister visit to drink up her love and energy. There is nothing better than a dear sister.

Mindy said...

I'm so jealous that you have Baba's family visiting!!! Hopefully you all have so much fun. I have been totally feeling like chocolate truffle sauce. I simply can't make it with Griff out of town though... I would eat it all myself. Then again, maybe I can make the cute jars like you and deliver them to friends. Hmmm... that just might work. ;)

Laura said...

Cute cousin! Tell Brittany she's done well :) It's funny because 2 of the dishes on your menu for this week we did last week from sister's cafe! Yummy chili verde & Thai coconut curry :) We loved them both. Have a fun visit with your cute sister & her family. Love ya-

Marnie said...

Have a wonderful visit with Brittany and family! The pictures of your boys with Nyah are darling!

Jan S said...

I loved the pics of the boys with Nyah. Bridger sure loves babies doesn't he - so cute! But Nyah IS pretty darn lovable! Wish I was there with you. XOXOX

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