Thursday, September 9, 2010

words to live by...

A secret to HAPPINESS in life is enjoying the little things,

don't you think?

The little things I am loving right now:

*the first breath of fall...bringing cooler breezes, and leaves that are just starting to change color
*listening to my 'big' boys happily talking football--they love this time of year!
*a freezer full of homemade muffins, cookies, pizza dough and honey whole wheat bread for my family
*watching Bridger master a two wheeler and proudly ride through out the day
*my red painted toe nails
*spicy fresh salsa and tortilla chips
*the supply of ribbon on my sun room shelf
*serving up green smoothies every morning to my boys
*two little boys that follow me around like puppies
*clean and sparkley bathrooms
*a daily gorgeous pink sunrise to behold on my way home from dropping the boys at school
*finding funny little notes from Coleman that he has taped here and there
*freshly organized drawer
*this lovely article that reminds me what true beauty is
*Clean and fresh bed linens with Bath and Body Works lavendar & chamomile 'sleep' spray -- to gently scent my families' sheets
*the soft snores of my sweet husband next to me...
(I think I will join him in...)
*our cozy bed

....night night.... so thankful that tomorrow is FRIDAY!!


Janell said...

Sounds wonderful! Wish my kids would drink green smoothies! Happiness for me is: Having the LDS missionaries come into our home and teach our family a FHE lesson and then hear my twelve year old son holler out the door as they are leaving "Thanks for coming elders! It always makes me happy when you come by!"

Stacey said...

I've been following your blog via your Sisters Cafe and really enjoy it! I really love some of the things you love too, especially the one about fall weather/leaves, homemade cookies, etc. but had one question. What do you make the green smoothies with? My daughter really loves making them, but uses the same things all the time and was wondering for a change.

Thanks - Stacey in Ohio

Mindy said...

Great ideas, Mel. I love that you took the time to sit down and actually think about them. I love clean bathrooms, too... but at the moment, my feet hurt to much to think about getting up to clean mine.

Jan S said...

I love you, my beautiful daughter. You are lovely, lovely, lovely!

M and N Tenny said...

I love the post about your sister and her cute kids coming to visit! What a fun time you must have had. Keep the menu Mondays coming, they're so fun to read!

Brittany said...

what a great list! I love that you enjoy the little things. Love you sis!

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