Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Menu Monday

( I made this pasta a long time ago and my boys gobbled it up--so I am putting on the menu this week! Hopefully they will love it again because I just so happen to have the ingredients on hand now.)

Monday--Minestrone Soup from the freezer, grilled cheese on wholegrain bread, black seedless grapes. FHE treat: glazed donut holes
Tuesday--Kids Team Spirit Night at Chick fil a--whole family eats for free if they come in their favorite team jersey. Yum! Coleman begged me to go and it was fun!
Wednesday--Shrimp Quesidillas, sliced apples, fresh salsa, carrot sitcks
Thursday--Brocolli, pepperoni, tomato bowtie pasta, Sliced oranges, cornbread muffins
Friday-- Date night Mom and Dad--cheese toast and applesauce for boys
Saturday--Tacos, black beans, fresh greens with shredded zuchini, necterines , chips and salsa


Brittany said...

yummy yum! you need to post that pasta salad recipe....

fishingfam said...

Yes, please post the pasta recipe, it looks delicious!

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