Wednesday, September 29, 2010

At my house this morning

6:30am Connor and TJ ready to go to school. Connor is happy to be turning in a big project. These boys get up EARLY! Brad is usually already gone for the day and all the little boys are sound asleep. It is the only time of the day that the house is so quiet! It feels kind of weird:) We have time for a quick breakfast, prayer, and short and sweet scripture study before they have to leave at 6:45am.

8:15am After another breakfast, quick scriptures and prayers with the little boys, Coleman leaves for school. He is our only boy in Elementary School this year. I think he is looking forward to Bridger joining him next year.

9:45am Mid morning snack with the little boys-- making a delicious green smoothie! We missed having it with breakfast and Bridger who is a big fan requested it! I never say no to making a green smoothie:)

For some reason they think it is imperative to hold the top. Such good little helpers I have:)

10:30am We are now working on restocking our muffin stash for the freezer, the never ending task of laundry, and getting out our Halloween stuff! Yes, we are multi-taskers around here! That is proabaly why our clothes are wrinkly sometimes, and muffins get burned now and then, but o well!

Looking forward to:

12:30pm Kutter's 3rd birthday party at the park! The boys can't wait! They ask me every 10 minutes if it is time to go yet!

What does your morning look like?


Janell said...

I love it! I have been trying to get my house in order for two weeks now. I had a goal of getting two loads of laundry done and cleaning up my house. Mind you I said GOAL-reality is: Got up took high school kids to school, came home-got elementary daughter off to school;finished getting myself ready-went to volunteer at her class and just before I left my husband mentioned that he meant to grab leftovers so he would have to go buy a lunch. I decided that it would be great if he ate the leftovers cause he liked it best so I quickly packed him a lunch and thought "I'll quickly run him a lunch after I volunteer" So at 10:00 this morning I drove 25 min to his work and when I got there he said, "Lets go for a drive and I'll show you my project" we spent the whole morning together,looking at furniture, seeing the new projects downtown, went OUT for lunch and I got home at 2:00. Threw a load of laundry in, and my kids will be home in exactly 15 minutes! So much for my GOAL!!! I'll hopefully stay up tonight and get the house clean! Do you ever get to that point where you can't stand it any more? Well that's where I am. By the way-spending the morning with my husband was great and well worth it-it's just funny how the days go sometimes. Have a great day everyone!

momma4 said...

Hey! I tried the green smoothie - YUM! And, also the granola - double yum! I shared some with my neighbour and she loved it too! I added some pumpkin seeds to it and it tasted so good! Thanks for all your fabulous recipes (and cute pics of your fabulous boys)!

Jennifer said...

hey, I'm a big fan of your "Sisters' Cafe and found my way to your blog from there. I'm the mom of 6 boys (oldest just turned 13 and the youngest is 3) and I come from a family of all girls (4). So we have a little bit in common! ;) I love my boys, but living in a boy house sure is a lot different than living in a girl house! Wouldn't you say?! lol!

Mindy said...

Kutter is a cute name. Can you tell I am on the name lookout. :) I really want a big freezer so I can do lots of freezer food. I am impressed with all you get done in a day, sis. Your amazing!

Erin @ The Sisters Cafe said...

Wow, what a busy day you have! It's fun to read about it, like a glimpse into your every day schedule. I sure love you!

Brittany said...

Well my mornings are not nearly as busy as that!!! :) Yours sound so uplifting though with breakfast together (in shifts at least!) and scripture study/prayers. What a great way to start the day.

Matt said...

haha Mindy! That's funny! We were always noticing names when Amy was pregnant too!

Melanie- love your blog entries! You're so far away but it feels like I'm still somewhat involved in all your lives when I can look at your blog and see what's going on. You're such a great mom and wife. I sure love you sis!

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