Monday, October 18, 2010

Beach Bums

It is offical...I am in love with this place! Hilton Head Island is heavenly!
What is it about the beach that is so...good for the soul?!
We are now cozy in our hotel room enjoying Monday Night Football, but this morning we were up at the crack of dawn with 5 boys begging to get to the beach.
So that is where we spent our day and it was PERFECT!
Our activities included:
Early morning football in the waves

More digging

What a happy surprise that in the middle of October, it is still warm enough to swim!

Oops, TJ dropped his head:)

The boys spent hours diving for sand dollars and builing sand castles.

Coleman had a cute little pet crab for a couple of hours.

We finished off the day with a walk on the beach (with the football, of course) before retiring to our room to cheer on the TN Titans!

I had a very tired little three year old at the beach this evening, who is now bouncing off the walls at bedtime! Why is that?

Up tomorrow: a birthday boy! Yeah!!
Well, I am off to snuggle my baby boy and try to remind him that he really is tired!
TN is up by 14, mayble I can talk the boys into turning the game off and hitting the sack?? Wish me luck!


kera said...

WELL that's why you skipped story time!!! :) I would totally ditch the library for the beach any day!! Have fun....looks dreamy!!

Brittany said...

what GORGEOUS pictures!!! what an amazing vacation!! WOW!! I am so jealous! :) I'm so glad you guys got to go on such a fun trip for fall break. What a fun family!

Erin @ The Sisters Cafe said...

What fun, Melanie! It is all gorgeous! I love Coleman's pet crab. :) And that would be so fun to collect sand dollars! I've never seen one on a beach before. What fun you all are having!

Jan S said...

Wow! What fabulous pictures. It sounds like you had so much fun! Made me miss you all though.

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