Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hilton Head Island

We rolled into beautiful Hilton Head Island, South Carolina last night and as soon as we checked in we headed for the beach.
We got there just in time to enjoy a gorgeous sunset! The image of my 5 boys running and laughing along the waterline with this amazing sunset as a backdrop was MAGICAL!
I didn't have my nice camera to capture the shot, but I am sure that the picture in my mind will last forever!
(My little point and shoot does better with still shots--very slow shutter speed:)

This sweet lady offered to take our picture but I didn't want to stop the boys from their play , so I just grabbed my honey. She told us she had one condition for her services...that we kiss for the shot:) "Easy Peasy" as my little Cannon likes to say!

One thing I know ...boys love to dig!

And I found this in the sand...I guess our boys are still proud BYU fans even though they can't win a game this year (well, OK fine, I guess they have won, once:)

Well, it is now bright and early and we are headed to the beach!! Woo hoo!
We are thrilled to find that we are only 5.5 hours from this gorgeous beach!!


Mindy said...

How fun, sis! I dreamed we were in Mexico at the beach last night. Wish I really were enjoying the beach with you. And Hilton Head sounds amazing, too. Have a fun time there!

Brittany said...

oh my goodness - what a magical place - just like you said! It looks amazing. Who needs Hawaii when you live this close to Hilton Head?! Boy do I miss warm enough weather and water to actually swim in the ocean and hang out in your swim suit on the beach!! darling pics - love the easy peasy kissing! :)

Jan S said...

Only 5.5 hours away . . .I bet you will be going there often now that the boys have had a this vacation at the beach. Those pictures were amazing. So glad you got to go.

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