Monday, October 4, 2010

Menu Monday

Today I happily woke up to a chilly home! I am seriously excited for the change of seasons! Summer was wonderful with the warm sunshine and hours spent at the pool, but now I am in the mood for wearing sweaters and enjoying warm soup! We left our bedroom window open last night and I slept so well with a cool fresh breeze coming in! Fall is in the air and I have loaded up on some beautiful squash, sweet potatoes and pumpkin to enjoy on this weeks menu. Yum!

*denotes recipe is on Sisters Cafe--if you can;t find them send me an email at

Crustless Quiche* with broccoli, mushroom and fresh parmigiano, fresh pinapple, and warm pumpkin muffins*. FHE treat: caramel apples

Spinach stuffed shells (from the freezer), roasted garlic cauliflower*, wholewheat garlic bread, caesar* salad, sliced nectarines

Black Bean Burgers, zuchini sticks & 5 minute marinara sauce for dip, fresh sliced pears

Chicken Tereyaki* Fried (brown) Rice, black grapes, spinach salad with carrots and ginger soy dressing, roasted butternut squash

Date night Mom and Dad--Buttered whole wheat noodles & peaches for boys

Saturday :
White bean and Tomatoes, with garlic and spinach saute over spaghetti squash, artisan bread*, pears, parmesan tilapia filets

Creamy Potato Leek Soup*, Honey whole wheat rolls, spinach salad with apples and blue cheese, baked sweet potatoes*, cheese cake bars*

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Mindy said...

Looks yummy, as usual! I am missing your links to other blogs on the side. I usually just hop from one to the other from the links. Guess I'll just have to type them in. Honestly... I sound a little lazy. :)

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